List of Plates

Book I

2-1  Milton Friedman's Ideal Economic Transaction: Informed and Uncoerced
2-2  The Real Economic Transaction: Not Necessarily Informed or Uncoerced
6-1  Net Litigation Advantage of Big Business: Empirical Evidence of Bias Against Small Business, Individuals, and Workers -- Selected Findings from McCormick, Atkins, Wheeler et al., and Songer and Sheehan
6-2  Net Litigation Advantage of Big Government: Empirical Evidence of Bias Against Individuals -- Selected Findings from McCormick, Atkins, Wheeler et al., and Songer and Sheehan
6-3  Empirical Evidence of Unfair Tax Burden for Persons in Canada: The Ratio of Personal to Corporate Taxes -- Direct Taxes, All Government Levels, 1960-1994
7-1  Why Did the Economic Fortunes of Canadians and Americans Stagnate After 1973? The Link Between Personal Disposable Income Per Capita and World Oil Production.
9-1  The Orwellian Web: The Threat to Individual Freedoms and the Control of Economic Life
11-1  The Real Capitalist Economic Order: How the Economic Successes of Capitalism Can Kill Capitalism
11-2  The Market "Game of Catallaxy": The Small Player Versus the Infinitely Rich Player
11-3  The Road to Freedom: Practical Steps For Increasing Your Economic Survival in a Darwinistic Economy
11-4  From Darwinistic Utilitarianism to Orwellian Domination: A Model of the Evolution of Darwinistic Capitalism
11-5  Evolution of the Marketplace: Darwinistic "Advancement of the Welfare of Mankind"
15-1  Empirical Evidence of Substantial Increase in the Perniciousness of the North American Marketplace: Per-Capita Mortality of Businesses in the U.S. (1966-1996), Canada (1966-1996), and Japan (1980-1992)
20-1  Role of the Money Trust in National Governance: From a Darwinistic Compulsion to Dominate, to a Duty to Serve
20-2  The Ideal National Economy: The Flow of Money -- Who Controls, Who Plans, and Who Gets What?

Book II

B-1  Structural Imbalances in the Economy: Canada's GDP vs. Royal Bank Domestic Loans
B-2  Misdirected Loans? Overinvestments in Commercial Real Estate and Underinvestments in Manufacturing, at Canada's Top Three Banks
B-3  Evidence of "Conscious Parallelism" at Canada's Top Three Banks
B-4  Evidence of a "Credit Crunch" at Canada's Top Three Banks: Cash Resources and Cash and Securities -- Per-Share, in Current and Constant (1986) Dollars, 1977-1995
C-1  The Business Cycle: Commercial Real Estate Loans, as Percent of Total Domestic Loans -- The Royal Bank of Canada, 1980-1996

Book III

1-1  The Origin of Capitalist Selection: The Propagation of Flaws in the Machinery of the Law
3-1  The Business Cycle: The Defective Implicate Order
4-1  Speculative Forecasts for Part-Time Employment at the Royal Bank of Canada in the Year 2000 and Beyond
4-2  How a New World Order Can Indenture or Enslave a Free People
4-3  Rebellion Against a Defective Legislature: Return of the Same vs. New Legislature
5-1  How to Destroy a High-Tech Firm: Quantum Entanglements in the "Knowledge Economy"

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